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What is Buzzinar and What’s included ?


As you may know, 97% of Internet Entrepreneurs have failed and quitted within first year. It is not because they do not know how to make money online, instead they go the wrong way: they just create some products to sell, but don’t create a business to build stably. 
Making money online is not hard. Any kid and his mother can list an used item on eBay and earn some bucks. But with this way, could you earn tons of money ? Sadly you couldn’t. As a matter, nowadays there are more and more people creating products and training course that teach others how to make money online. But could these self proclaimed guys help you to create a real business with consistent income ? Once again, sadly the majority cannot.
I have tried many IM training course, the latest is Work From No Home from Peng Joon and John Chow on last month. That is very handful and I learned many things and strategies that have never thought before. And this month, on the way to find the solution that work best for myself, I found another one which provide me the basic as well as advanced knowledge about building a list and getting the income from this consistent system. It is named Buzzinar. 

buzzinar review

Buzzinar is made by Omar and Melinda Martin, a husband and wife who live comfortably by Internet Marketing for years. With their own system, they’ve already created several millions bucks since 2007. And do more research, I found that they are also the founder of, an organization that is responsible for telling what is and what is not a good Internet Marketing product. 
In detail, Buzzinar is an IM training course in which Omar and Melinda reveal their secrets to build sale funnels and list and even provide members software tools, website themes and other resources so learners can easily follow and replicate their success.

What’s included in Buzzinar ?

buzzinar review

  • Ebook that explain the viral sales funnel creation system
  • Professional recorded audio course for anyone who don’t like reading
  • Detailed videos which provide step-by-step action mp4 files about the following topics:
    • The Buzzinar Call (recorded live)
    • Funnel Building Concepts
    • Strategic List Building
    • The Autoresponder
    • The Viral Squeeze
    • Segmentation, Persuasion and Monetization
    • Free Traffic
    • Paid Traffic
These materials not only tell you what you should do and why to do that, but also they provide you how to do that by showing all on your screen (via video professional style).
And Buzzinar also provides you the powerful tools which are:
  • Wordpress themes that are dedicated for Internet Marketing and list building.
  • HTML application for modifying squeeze page and upload to your sites. In case you don’t know, squeeze page is a special page that is designed to attract customers to provide their emails.
These are the exact tools that Omar and Melinda use in their business everyday. When joining in the course, you'll find that the layout of the members area is extremely user friendly and a pleasure to navigate. There are no gimmicks or hidden upsells to worry about.


- Option 1: Basic member $7
- Option 2: Pro member: $27
- Option 3: Mack Daddy member $47

Who are Buzzinar made for ?

  • Starters who want to learn how to make money online but don’t know where to begin.
  • Experienced guys who already made money online but not stably and want to learn the solution to build a list and has their own system.

Benefits of Buzzinar

buzzinar review


Easy to understand and follow

As a training course, it is supposed that the Buzzinar will be detailed, easy-to-follow and vivid guides. Fortunately, Omar and Melinda had done those tasks very well. They provide us many methods (eBook, Audio, Video, Tools) so you can easily find your favorite way of learning. It makes learning more attractive and fun.

Suitable for many levels of knowledge

As mentioned above, Buzzinar is targeting to many types of audience: from newbie to experienced guys. Anyone can find in Buzzinar something interesting to learn.


This is another plus point to consider. Buzzinar not only includes learning material, it also gives you many useful gifts that will make the course more value. For example: Web Traffic Pack, The Viral Funnel report, Autoresponder Seq. etc,.


You will find that the Buzzinar price is very flexible. As starters, you can choose the basic pack and when completing that course, you can upgrade later. The packages are totally independent from each others, so you don’t need to buy the high price one when you’re not ready.

Weakness of Buzzinar

Can not use for all types of Making money online

Buzzinar is designed to dedicate on list building and get money from your list. Therefore, it can’t apply to all types of Making money online. However, from list building, you will learn the basic knowledge as well as the process of Internet Marketing, and as a matter of that, you can apply to other types of Internet Marketing and .

Need time to learn and fully understand

As usual when you learn something new, you will need to spend some time to study hard before truly understand what the course want to teach you.

You still need to practice

Once again, Buzzinar is not an autopilot cash machine. It only teaches you WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO that via materials and powerful tools. It CAN’T do everything for you. So you still need to learn from basis and practice to find the suitable method that work best for yourself.


After reading many features and weakness I listed above, this is time I need to show up my personal idea to clarify: Is Buzzinar a good product ? and Is it worth to purchase ?

Well, they are not easy to answer. It depends on your goal.

Yes, the Buzzinar is worth your purchase if you’re really interested in finding the myths behind Make Money Online scene. And the most important is you're willing to make anything to reach the goal.

However, the course is not a good one and you will waste of money if you look for a All-in-the-table course which does everything for you. In fact, the Buzzinar seems to be a fishing-rod, and if you want to eat fish, you need to learn how to use that fishing-rod to catch the fishes by yourself.

Still, Buzzinar appears to be informational for not only newbies, but also experienced Internet Marketers. Whether your goal is, it is nice to consider this course.

To get more info about Buzzinar, visit its homepage and checkout the Omar and Melinda’s introduction here.

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